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Сегодня в гостях, в рамках формата Ассоциации, Данила Кашин.

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I asked videoblogers to express the accociations with certain words. That's what we get Hello Kashin Danila, born in 1996 year, living... Okay I make videos, write songs *can't find words* *waving hands* I'm a stupid asshole which parasitize at the expense of famous friends *can't find words again* I've been filming about CS!.. but I hate CS-players (space) Flight (kindness) I don't know what's this *chuckling* (friend) Assistance (crowd) Greyness (woman) Cool *chuckling* (action man) *sighs* *thinking* Recognition of your own mistakes? *smiles* Well, it's courage when you can recognite your mistakes.. I wanted to rephrase, but.. (medicine) Mm.. Health *smiles* (degradation) That's me (labour) Price (death) Coming soon *chuckling* (pleasure) L-life (laugh) Cats! *smiles* (love) *nods* It's needy (grime) *laughs* Fuck.. Danger! The cat came up to me *smiles* (time) Motion (addiction) Not that cool (pain) Ability.. (Durov) Child! *chuckling* (fame) Award (home) Everywhere (horror) N-night (betrayal) Pain (homeland) I don't have one (subscribers) Friends (culture) Ability (money) It's.. complicated (mother).

Disappointment (family) Friends (hair) Beauty (cellar) Pain *smiles* (fight) Luck (cockroach) *laughs* Danila (poison) Drugs (violence) Not that cool! (filth) Popularity (father) Kicked the bucket (sex) It heals (poetry) Soul (mind) Superiority (lies) Sometimes it's useful (theft) It won't let to something good (life) Priceless (children) Sex? *laughs* Sorry, Ruslan (god) No (passion) Cool! (plane) *nods* Fear (eyes) ..lies (street) Family? *smiles* (luck) Quite often (loneliness) Power Goodbye everyone Subscribe to my chanel I film CS there, preparing exercises for exams Here recently was talking about social science Subscribe *smiles* last video

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