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I, Yuri Khovansky. I'm very... worried once on this show, because I looked past releases. And there is usually very... sensual is, that is appears so... the theme of the "House", and you have to say "long-forgotten" или что-нибудь... или... well, that girls liked it, but.. I hope I will not disappoint you, because I have really in the mind, and language and I can hardly think of any cool theme, like women, the eternal deception.

I'm ready! I I pffff, not a bad Association....Well. vodka crosswise cool Heh heh heh, I Well, doom. Anything but I On the sleeve *sings* My serial number *hums* On the sleeve *sings* ahh, this is... I was thinking something, something... horror I don't know why, that's my Association, I don't understand why. I didn't smoke broccoli I don't.... ooh crap money money money well.....women must be women must be women for sure eeeeee, beer women money Versus Beer. All the pain Versus, well, you're in the wrong order ask Versus What is wrong with you guys? Here fucking anything, but not versus guys Well, death, probably alcohol *drinks beer* I Women, Money, Versus, Space Internet sorry money death.

AAAAAAA Masturbation No no no... loyalty No. Life Moss heh heh . um... not Переоценённый Истекло Dad Fuck I.

Senseless efforts Show your... Well, cock nonsense I refuse to answer this question Due to the recent precedents with Ruslan Sokolovsky Pharaoh.

Oh, wait, wait The most expensive Family, I thought family! money Podpischiki Medtm Madison Meaning Depth Patrol.

Scissors, Paper Stone.

Happy Well, friends Certainly not as fun As you have here usually.

But you can still subscribe to my channel The channel Should, of course Here the clear Association The red screen of Eee I'm actually much more drunk Fag

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